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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 2 update!

Hey guys! Wanted to give you another text update for week 2/weekend 2 for me and the content I am making.

1. I will be casting Friday and Saturday for the SuperStar League on their stream. Visit the information or stream for more info.

** VoD link **

2. I will be casting the GO4 OW Cup #1, hosted by esl, Sunday.  The casts can be found on my stream for this tournament.

** VoD Link **

3. I am still in the process of writing the Reinhardt guide, and I apologize to those of you looking for more text resources. I hope to get my schedule stabilized so I can more regularly write about overwatch!

4. Episode 6 of stratwatch will be released at the beginning of next week, or sunday evening (6/6). If you are interested in this weeks episode it can be found here

If you want more regular updates follow my twitter youtube or twitch located on the right as well! I will try to update you guys as often as possible!

Thank you so much for the support, and feedback. Enjoy week 2 overwatch, and I hope to see you guys out there!!

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