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I apologize for the lack of consistency in keeping my blog updated.  I want to work on this for everyone who uses this as a resource.  I am ...

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 3 Content update

I am still in the process of writing the Reinhardt counter guide, and I apologize to those of you looking for more text resources. I hope to get my schedule stabilized so I can more regularly write about overwatch! If there is a lot of need/requests for more guides I will try to find more time than I am now. As it stands I have to devote most of my time to work. casting and video production. Let me know what you want and prefer!! Best thing I can do is hear from you guy AND listen! :)

1. Casting Thursday for TierMonsters MonsterWatch again with - Stream will be at TierMonsters's channel starting at 7PM EST Thursday 6/9

VoD link will be added here

2. I will be casting for ESL's GO4 Cup #2 again. It will be on my stream at 7AM MST (9AM EST) sunday 6/12

VoD link will be added here.

3. I might be starting a new series here, I have some ideas but I want to have a series where I can stream it. Tentative plans are to pick a match and do my best via Youtube VoDS to follow one pro and see what he/she does and how to emulate that specific players play in your own games!

Episode 7 of stratwatch will be released at the beginning of next week, or sunday evening (6/6). If you are interested in this weeks episode it can be found here

If you want more regular updates follow my twitter youtube or twitch located on the right as well! I will try to update you guys as often as possible!

Thank you so much for the support, and feedback. Enjoy week 2 overwatch, and I hope to see you guys out there!!

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