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Blog update 6/21/16

I apologize for the lack of consistency in keeping my blog updated.  I want to work on this for everyone who uses this as a resource.  I am ...

Hero Counters Master list

Links to all the posts for Countering Heroes in Overwatch

Here is a Cheat-sheet for quick reference when needed

I will be making these guides throughout time before launch and after launch, and plan to have them all completed right after Launch. I did not realize that I would be doing all this when I started writing the articles. I will continue to get more guides out along with my casting and video series. Thank you so much the support and feedback so far!! Video Guides for Overwatch can be found here


1. Genji (In work)
**2. McCree (Done)**
3. Pharah (In work)
4. Reaper (In work)
5. Soldier: 76 (In work)
6. Tracer (Done)


**1. Bastion (Done)**
2. Hanzo (In work)
3. Junkrat (In work)
4. Mei (In work)
**5. Torbjórn (Done)**
**6. Widowmaker (Done)**


** 1. D.Va (Done) ** 
2. Reinhardt (In work)(Will try to crank 1 more out before launch!)
3. Roadhog (In work)
4. Winston (In work)
5. Zarya (In work)


1. Lúcio (In work)
2. Mercy (In work)
**3. Symmetra (Done)**
4. Zenyatta (In work)

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